Chemical Abstracts Service invites you to ‘Take Part in Research’!

CAS are carrying out some paid market research to delve deeper into what people feel about their products and provide some feedback on a range of new solutions.

The research would take the form of an online forum over the course of 3 days in early June, where you will be shown a range of material and asked for your feedback. It will consist of approximately 1 hours worth of work a day for the 3 days, and as a thank you for your time, you will be paid £200!

Details as follows:

Date – Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th and Friday 5th of June
Times - Whenever is convenient for you
Duration – 1 hour a day for 3 days
Location - Online
Incentive - £200
Type of research - Online Diary/Forum

When completing the form please answer carefully and as honestly as possible, there are no right or wrong answers, all answers will be looked at individually when checking that you are applicable for the research.

If you do fit the profile of respondent that we are looking for, then one of our team will call you to book you in.

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