Clinical Trials Are Not The Only Way to Contribute to Development says Market Research Expert

group discussionsOne of the country’s leading recruitment agencies for a plethora of market research clients has encouraged all those wanting to take part in medical studies not to be disheartened if, like many, their application is denied. Take Part In Research recruits reliable and motivated participants for a diverse array of market research projects, and is urging those rejected by clinical studies to consider contributing to future development in other ways.

Many people are eager to take part in clinical trials because they wish to contribute to medical breakthroughs, new treatments and exciting discoveries in the future. Unfortunately, the criteria for many of these studies is very exacting and often the strict demands of the trial rule out a huge proportion of people who wish to help. Luckily, many of these people turn their efforts to another form of research, a form that can be equally insightful and helpful in the development of customer service, product design and local authority policies.

Andrew Folkes, of Take Part In Research, which recruits reliable and motivated participants for diverse array of these projects, says, “Clinical trials, admirable and rewarding as they may be when they are seen through to the end, are incredible difficult to become accepted into, and this can be off-putting for people who want to use their thoughts and opinions to contribute to development.”

“However, those who are still eager to assist can offer up their time and their ideas for the good of nationwide businesses and other organisations by taking part in market research for a number of different industries and purposes. Frank discussions, in-depth interviews and the chance to have your voice heard can be incredibly helpful to the businesses conducting the research, and can be highly rewarding when a significant change is made.”

With Take Part In Research, the criteria is different to any clinical study. Participants must enjoy a good conversation, must be willing to share their thoughts, and must be willing to give up between 30 minutes and 2 hours of their time, for a monetary incentive. Research is carried out on everything from motoring to modelling, and respondents have a real chance to shape some form of development with the power of their honest opinion.

The type of research differs depending on the product, service or organisation which commissioned it. Group discussions are popular options, face-to-face interviews are also common, and product tests are also a great way to incite informative and useful feedback from participants. There are often phone calls or in-home interviews too; fantastic for people whose mobility issues or lack of transport have prevented them from taking part in trials before.

Those who have been turned down for participation in a clinical trial can still be of worth to thousands of people, whether they are having an input on the design of a new mobile phone, or giving their opinions on making confectionary more delicious. Development in business is ongoing, and dedicated and engaged individuals who wish to be a part of the discussion are welcome to sign up with Take Part In Research and see how they can be of assistance.

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