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Thank you for your interest in this survey about the Demand Flexibility Service.

This survey is being run by Centre of Sustainable Energy (CSE) on behalf of National Grid ESO and in collaboration with all the companies that have offered their customers the option to participate in the Demand Flexibility Service.

You have received this link through [DFS provider name] because you opted into [provider’s offer name]. This offer formed part of the National Grid’s Demand Flexibility Service. [X] providers offered versions of the Demand Flexibility Service to customers. All customers who opted into the Demand Flexibility Service are invited to take part in this evaluation survey.

More information about this research, including privacy information, can be found [link to CSE webpage].

Everyone who completes this survey will be given the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw, with £[?] to be won. The draw will be managed by the company administering this survey, [Survey Company Name]. Full terms and conditions are available at the end of this questionnaire / from [Survey Company Name]

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