Like DIY? Are You a Tradesman?

Take part in Research are looking for DIYers and professional Tradesmen!

Whether you are beginner of DIY or a Professional Tradesmen, we need YOU!

We are running group discussions and a store walk about, which will give you the chance to feedback on customer service, products and your latest visit to any DIY/Building Merchant stores.

As well as having the opportunity to share your experiences and ideas you would be paid £60 - £100 for your valuable time and contribution.

Details Below:
Dates - Tuesday 17th May
Time - 12.30pm OR 1.15pm
Duration - 1.5 hrs
Locations - Edmonton & Slough
Incentive - £60 - £100
Type of Research - Group Discussion & In-Store Walk Around

We’d like to reassure you that everything you say, as well as your identity, will remain strictly anonymous according to the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct. This ensures the utmost confidentiality of you and your views and opinions. This means that we will not pass on any information concerning you, your name and personal details to any third party. In addition, any information you disclose will be used for research purposes only, by the research team in relation to this particular project.

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