In-office interview

We’re hiring!

Brighton UK £18.5k - £23.5k

Are you looking for a new role?

In-office interview

We’re hiring!

  • In-office interview
  • 09/05/22 - 26/08/22
  • Brighton UK
  • Full time
  • £18.5k - £23.5k

Are you looking for a new role in market research? If so, we need you! 

We’re currently on the lookout for new people to join our team of Project Coordinators at our lively office in central Brighton.

An ideal candidate will enjoy working in a fast-paced environment where good communication and organisation are key. 6 months of relevant telephone experience is preferable but not required.

You’ll have targets and your successes will be recognised with monthly bonuses and career progression opportunities.

Take Part in Research is owned and operated by our sister company, Roots Research. You can find out more about the dfferent roles we have available and apply  by following the “Apply here” button.


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