Market Research: More Than Just Clinical Trials

There is a common misconception that the only way to be of use and of importance to Clinical trials and market research those conducting research is to offer yourself up to be a participant in a clinical trial or medical research. This type of trial is perceived to be the pinnacle of research; the type of project everyone wants to be involved in.

The reality is that market research is just as valuable, not only for the businesses and organisations which commission the projects, but also for consumers.

The majority of people already know that market research exists as a valuable asset to businesses; organisations selling a product, offering a service or devising a policy need honest feedback in order to ensure they are on the right track. But in developing and making changes to these services or products based on consumer feedback from market research projects, businesses create a superior end product which is catering to the needs of the people it will be directed at. This then directly benefits consumers, who get a product or service that works for them in the way they want it to.

By sharing feedback, engaging in discussion and making helpful suggestions through market research, ordinary individuals can help to make great progress for important organisations; whether you are helping to develop the exterior of the next big smartphone, or offering suggestions for the creation of a new credit card, taking part in market research changes and shapes the future for the better.

Many people in the UK are completely unaware that there are numerous different types of research that is open to them – much more than just medical research and clinical trials. Clinical trials pose a number of issues for people who apply; they often have strict entry regulations, they often require long periods of participation, sometimes even overnight stays in hospital, and the fully involved nature of the research means that taking part and holding down a full-time job is next to impossible.

Market research offers a marked contrast; those carrying out the research are interested in valuable opinions, and they work on behalf of many companies and organisations to acquire these thoughts and ideas. Each project is fully inclusive, and the only selection criteria is based on age and locality – you must live in the UK and be over 16. Certain businesses may wish to gather opinions from a certain age group or gender, but this doesn’t prevent you from being accepted as a member of a market research recruitment agency; new research opportunities are posted up a few times a week and there are always fresh chances to be involved.

Participants are compensated fully for their assistance, – often between £40 and £250 just for two hours of discussion. Using your voice and opinions to assist local and national organisations, to shape the future of certain products and to ensure consumers get what they want in the long run has been made as rewarding as possible for those who take part.

We hope to finally put the myth that medical trials are the pinnacle of research to bed by offering our members the chance to become truly useful in the development of the future – join us today to find out more.

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