Take Part In Research Encourage People of Manchester to Get Involved in Product Development

Leading research recruitment company Take Part In Research are speaking directly to the people of Manchester to demonstrate the benefits and advantages of taking part in market research for the sake of product development. As part of their 2014 push to find yet more reliable, bright and honest participants to get involved with paid market research, Take Part In Research are attempting to educate the people of the prestigious northern town on how their assistance in product development could shape the future.

The city of Manchester has a proud history of merging research with product development. Manchester Market ResearchWithout Manchester, the world would not have computing as we know it, we would not be able to ride in style in a Rolls Royce, and we wouldn’t have countless inventions that honed the textile industry and helped it to become the success it is today. Through careful research and development, Manchester has given the world split atoms, the first professional football league and even the world’s first mechanically-powered submarine. What will be the next game-changing invention to be researched and developed in the capital of the north?

Andrew Folkes, of Take Part In Research, says, “Product development is just one strand of market research, and is one of the most beneficial for businesses and authorities. Those who take part in product development can have a huge effect on the future, whether they are helping to develop beauty products, furniture, cars, cleaning products or any other day-to-day items that people often take for granted.”

He adds, “Manchester has a rich heritage of research, much of which has given the world some of its most important inventions; the people of the city have a great spirit of clubbing together when a problem needs to be solved, and this is one of the key reasons that many businesses choose Manchester as one of their focus areas for much market research and product development.”

Product development sessions with Take Part in Research are similar to any market research project. They involve nothing more than two hours of participation, and those who take part are rewarded with incentives of up to £250 for their involvement. The sessions are all completely informal; the team at Take Part in Research firmly believe that the best way to get honest and open opinions from people is to host friendly chats with approachable representatives. There are no endless paper questionnaires or strict interview techniques, just a welcoming environment and a group of like-minded people offering up their opinions.

The sessions are hosted in easy-to-access locations around Manchester City Centre, so they are easy to get to on public transport or in a car. This leaves them open to anyone in the area who can reliably travel into the centre; with great transport links around the entirety of the North West, this offers great possibilities for anyone with a bus or train route nearby. Take Part in Research regularly update their website with all the latest market research opportunities, so anyone in the Manchester area who feels they want to contribute to businesses and help to shape the products of the future is encouraged to sign up today!


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