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P&O Cruises invites you to take part in market research!

P&O Cruises is always looking for ways to improve the experience for its customers. It has commissioned Basis, a leading independent research consultancy, to conduct a project looking at loyalty schemes in general and the P&O Cruises Peninsular Club in particular. As a current member of the Peninsular Club, P&O Cruises would like to invite you to share your views and opinions.

We are Take Part in Research (who are working with P&O Cruises and Basis to co-ordinate this project). We’d like to invite you to take part in paid market research to gather valuable feedback.

This research will give you the chance to feedback on the Peninsula Club loyalty scheme that you are part of, and help make sure the scheme is fit for the future.

A member of the team from Take Part in Research will then give you a quick call with some more information and to hopefully get you booked into the group discussion.

We’d like to reassure you that everything you say, as well as your identity, will remain strictly anonymous according to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. Your name will not be disclosed if you don’t explicitly agree for it to be, and neither will any information that could identify you.

If you have any queries about this research project, please contact Lisa Reynolds, Assistant Market Research Manager at P&O Cruises: Lisa.Reynolds@carnivalukgroup.com

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When completing the form please answer carefully and as honestly as possible, there are no right or wrong answers, all answers will be looked at individually when checking that you are applicable for the research.

If you are a good fit for the research, a member of the team will be in touch over the coming days with some more information!

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