You and your thoughts on Market Research after Covid!

We are interested to get your opinion on various different options when taking part in research in the near future. Please think about what you would genuinely feel comfortable doing over the coming months. We will use these answers to help inform our clients about conducting projects during the remainder of 2020.

Your answers to this survey will have no influence in whether or not you are invited for research in the future, so please answer the questions as honestly as possible

All answers will be analysed anonymously, and your name and personal details will never be used in any reporting of this data.

We are looking to hear from all different perspectives so if you're interested, apply now!

When completing the form please answer carefully and as honestly as possible, there are no right or wrong answers, all answers will be looked at individually when checking that you are applicable for the research.

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In House - Covid Survey - June 2020

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