We have some exciting new research on You and Your Lifestyle!

What do you like doing in your spare time, what do you enjoy? whether it is visiting the theatre, going to the cinema or playing sport we want to know!

The research is in the form of a In home interview – which is a ‘day in the life’ approach to doing research, where a researcher comes to spend time with you, in your home in order to understand your needs and lifestyle. In addition to this it will also involve a one week digital dairy (equipment provided). Interviews will be scheduled week commencing 15th June , with the digital diary commencing immediately after.

For just 4-6 hours of your time we are offering between £225 -£300 depending on what digital aspect you are chosen for

Details as follows:

Date – Commencing Monday 15th June
Times - Throughout the week
Duration – 4-6 hours plus a one week digital dairy
Location - UK Wide
Incentive - Between £225 - £300, depending digital aspect
Type of research - In home interview and one week digital exercise

Please be assured that we won’t need any personal information and all information provided will be solely used for research discussions that we hold. Your information will not be passed on to third parties and be held securely by Take Part in Research. We adhere to the Data Protection Act and ISO27001 British Assessment Bureau standard.

Your Details...

Please amend any details that may have changed since last registering for research (current members only)
What are the age(s) of your children? (please tick all that apply)

Your Occupation...

Which department(s) do you work within;

Your Contact Details

This will be used as the location in which the research may take place (e.g group discussions), alternatively please select local research only and we will contact you for anything within your local area and telephone interviews.
Do you own/use a car?

You and Your Lifestyle...

Do you take part in any of the following activities?
Which of the following, if any, have you visited in the last 12 months? Please tick all that apply.
Do you smoke?
How would you describe the way in which you drink alcohol? Please tick all that apply.
Which of the following activities have you done in the last 7 days to the point where you were breathing faster than usual?
Which of the following would you say apply to you currently?
Do you own a smart phone?
Do you have access to the internet?
Do you have a medical condition?

Your Vehicle...


This information will be held confidentially and securely by Take Part in Research Ltd in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

I understand that my information will only be used to provide me with the opportunity to participate in occasional paid research. I am aware that I am under no obligation to participate and I am entitled to have my data removed at any point.

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