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We like to have a mixture of people who have and haven't done research, if you have I am just curious to see what topics you've done?
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At the interview, the interviewer may ask if they can leave a small camera with you for you to film a short piece to camera, after you get back from a family shopping trip (they will explain more if they select you for this). You'd receive an extra £10 for doing this and Ia pre-paid envelope to send back the camera. Would you be happy to do this stage if needed? [ALL NEED TO SAY YES]
Who will be attending the in-home interview with the child?
Are you happy for your child to take part in a 5 day online community? This will involve discussing topics that will be mentioned in the in-home interview. The child will also be asked to post photos, videos, drawings and links all relevant to the activities and tasks on that day. All questions will be explained in detail and we’ll give examples where relevant.
ASK PARENT: Are you happy for you and members of your family to be filmed during the in home interview ? The footage will only be used for research purposes and will be kept internal. Any external footage will be edited and we may wish to use it for our website for the promotion of Basis Research and on any presentations. *
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