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Are you a regular smoker? Whether you smoke cigarettes, vapes or roll-ups, we need you!

We're looking for smokers and nicotine product users across the UK to join an exclusive community of testers who will test a variety of new tobacco products, and provide opinions on these products via online feedback surveys.

Taking part in one of these projects could involve testing a number of products and completing surveys. You would receive £5 - £30 by taking part. Please note that these sessions are ongoing throughout 2024 and your application will continue to be considered for future groups.

Please answer a few short questions below to apply.

We are looking to hear from all different perspectives so if you're interested, apply now!

If it looks like you'll be a fit for the research based on your application, you'll receive an email over the next few weeks with an invitation to the external community platform and more information about the next steps!

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