Driving Research!

Help to make the roads of London and Oxford a safer place for drivers and pedestrians!

This is a really exciting project and an important piece of work that aims to improve road safety and to reduce the number of road accidents around London and Oxford.

Whether you drive as part of your job role or just to get from A to B, this really is a chance to make a difference!

Taking part is simple; if selected for the research, you will be sent a small Plug-In Device that you attach to your vehicle. This device picks up information such as powermode, fuel level, brake pressure etc. over the course of 12-months. This information will be part of a city-wide data collection study that will give a deeper insight into where the main transportation challenges lie around London and Oxford. The data will provide valuable insights that will be used improve transportation and mobility for everyone! So your participation will really be helping towards the greater good.

Please be assured that full participation and consent terms and conditions will be provided to participants.

To say thanks for taking part, You’ll receive £50 after initial installation and another £100 at the end of the study, once the device is removed! 

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