Connectivity/ Telematic Services Research

Take Part In Research have been commissioned by a commercial vehicle manufacturer who are currently researching connectivity / telematics services.

This high profile research will help establish the future development of technology and communications and the way in which vehicle communications are set out for the future.

We are therefore looking to talk to those that have decision making involvement when it comes to organising your companies’ commercial vehicle fleets.

The findings will be used to improve and shape the way future connectivity / telematic services are provided.

If you feel you would be able to provide feedback on this topic on behalf of your company we would be grateful of your contribution to this valuable research.

The research would be in the form of either a group discussion or a one to one Interview

The research will be taking place on either - Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th or Thursday 25th of September.

As thank you for your participation, you will receive a £150 cash incentive at the end of the research.

Details as follows:

Dates - Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th of September
Type of Research – Group Discussion or One to One interview
Duration - 2 - 2.5 hours
Incentive - £150
Location - London

I would like to reassure you that everything you say, as well as your identity, will remain strictly anonymous according to the MRS Code of Conduct.

Your name will not be disclosed if you do not explicitly agree for it to be, and neither will any information that could identify you.

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When completing the form please answer carefully and as honestly as possible, there are no right or wrong answers, all answers will be looked at individually when checking that you are applicable for the research.

If you are a good fit for the research, a member of the team will be in touch over the coming days with some more information!

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Have you bought, leased or financed within the last 2 years (since August 2012) one or more mid-size or large vans for your company? (No second hand vehicle purchase)

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Thinking about the new mid-size or large vans you have purchased, leased or financed within the last 2 years: Which makes and models has that been? Please mention all relevant vans.
Which body types do these newly purchased vehicles have?
Do you use a GPS navigation system in your commercial vehicles?
Is your company currently using connectivity or telematics services and systems in your commercial vehicles excluding GPS navigation systems?
Could you imagine purchasing connectivity or telematics services and systems for your company and using them in your commercial vehicles in the near future?
Have you already gathered information regarding connectivity or telematics services and systems to judge how relevant they are to your company?

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In which business sector is your company?

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