Hall Tests

Take part in research with an interactive hall test to try out different products and ideas.

We like to make our research projects interesting and enjoyable for everyone. One fun way to take part in paid market research is through hall tests.

Sometimes, a company or organisation would really love to show you something and find out what you think of it. Take Part in Research helps to organise hall tests so that you can have your say. You’ll generally be paid between £40 and £250 for taking part, too!

What is a Hall Test?

A hall test means that we invite you to be a tester and share your opinions with us at an agreed place and time. This may involve trying out sample products as well as giving your feedback on packaging or advertising.

Take Part in Research members tell us that Hall Tests are a great way to try new things without any commitment. They also give you the chance to really make your opinion count by influencing future developments in design.

All of our market research projects are developed in collaboration with companies and organisations that genuinely care about your opinions. Your privacy and anonymity are of the greatest importance to us at all times.

If you’re at least 16 years old and you live in the UK, then you can take part in paid hall tests! Sign up to Take Part in Research today and we’ll invite you to the next suitable project in your area.

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