Rocket Research – Manchester Car Research

We are looking for people to take part in an exclusive research event in Manchester on behalf of a leading car manufacturer!

You will have the opportunity to preview some brand new designs and influence the way the final product will look and function!

Our client is seeking your opinion on new product development ideas and evaluating prototypes alongside a range of current products

Not only this, but you will also receive a cash incentive of between £100 - £175, (everyone will receive £100 and some people will receive an extra £75 if selected to complete an extra task).

Location: Manchester
Dates: 5th - 7th September
Duration: 2.5 hours
Incentive: £100 - £175

You will need to provide original registration documents for your vehicle so please only apply if you are able to do this - otherwise you will be turned away from the event without your incentive.

We abide by the data Protection Act 1998 and Market Research Society Code of Conduct, so all views and opinions and information provided will be kept anonymous and completely confidential - for more information please visit our privacy policy page

Do not miss out on your chance to get your thoughts, ideas and opinions really listened to!

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When completing the form please answer carefully and as honestly as possible, there are no right or wrong answers, all answers will be looked at individually when checking that you are applicable for the research.

If you are a good fit for the research, a member of the team will be in touch over the coming days with some more information!

General Information

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Specific Criteria

Vehicle 1 Details

Vehicle 2 Details

Attitudinal Questions

1=design and appearance was the most important factor, 10 = practicality

When buying a new car, how important are each of these factors to you?

I am now going to read you a series of statements which other people have made, and which you may or may not agree with. For each of the statements please can you tell me whether you tend to agree or disagree with it

How likely would you be to consider the following types of vehicle, either to replace your current car or in addition?


This information will be held confidentially and securely by Take Part in Research Ltd in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Market Research Society Code of Conduct.