Trade Focus Groups

Take part in paid focus groups for tradespeople

Not all market research is about snack foods, toiletries and other consumer goods! We’re looking for tradespeople to take part in vital research that the average Joe Public can’t help us with. Companies and organisations are always keen to find out what you think of the products and services you use every day as part of your work. We endeavour to recruit honest and open tradespeople who are willing to give us no more than 2 hours of their time, to tell us, and our clients, their opinions.

Take Part in Research organises trade focus groups and market research to help tradespeople have their say about the issues of their trade, and give you the opportunity to learn about new developments. Your opinions could help shape the future of your industry, as you give your verdict on everything from your everyday equipment to specialist services.

What you need to know about taking part in a trade focus group:

  • Each session lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours
  • You’ll typically receive a cash payment of £40 to £250 for taking part
  • Trade focus groups usually involve 8 to 10 people
  • We use the most convenient locations available
  • Our expert research facilitators are polite and friendly
  • Your privacy and anonymity are always respected
  • We provide refreshments!

Trade focus groups are your chance to make a difference by sharing your feedback where it counts. Companies and organisations are very keen to hear what you think, as they don’t always get to hear from tradespeople as often as they’d like. The information organisations gather from these group events can contribute to huge developments in the future, and can be incredibly useful, not just for the organisation itself, but for every tradesperson that comes into contact with it.

Our trade focus group participants say that our friendly and informal sessions are fun and enjoyable, with approachable staff and lively chatter about the issues that are important to them. We don’t want to spend time form-filling and box-ticking – we would rather chat to participants in a relaxed group session where conversation flows and a good time is had by all. The generous cash reward for their time is an added bonus!

If you’re over 16, employed or self-employed in a trade, and living in the UK, then you can sign up to take part in trade focus groups! Join Take Part in Research now to be invited to the next suitable paid market research project available.

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