Future Driving Solutions!

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Future Driving Solutions!

  • Online discussions
  • 28/09/20 - 30/11/21
  • London and Oxford
  • 12-months
  • £150

Ford Mobility, Loughborough University, Oxfordshire County Council and Vivacity Labs need your help to make the roads of London and Oxford a safer place for drivers and pedestrians!

To take part, all you need to do is attach a small, passive device to your vehicle and leave it for 12 months. In return, you’ll get paid £150! 

Ford Mobility, Oxfordshire County Council, Loughborough University and Vivacity will be looking at problem areas in the roads by looking at collective patterns of 700 drivers across the city. The focus of the study will be looking at which road areas can be improved to make life easier for drivers and hopefully for others.

The data will be part of a city-wide collective study and individual driving behaviour is not the focus of the analysis.

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