In-home Product Testing

In-home Television Research

UK Wide £365+

In-home Product Testing

In-home Television Research

  • In-home Product Testing
  • 01/04/24 - 31/12/24
  • UK Wide
  • Ongoing
  • £365+

Hey there good looking 😉
Ready to start earning awesome gift cards from some of the biggest brands and retailers in the world?

By simply watching TV over the next 12 months you could earn as much as £365 and play a huge role in helping improve the quality of TV content.

But wait, who is Blinq?
We’re the world’s leading media measurement company, carrying out studies across TV, digital and social media since 2017 to better understand how people engage with the content they’re exposed to.

We work with leading TV platforms, social media channels, production companies and global agencies to help them understand what content people care about. The information we’re able to capture helps them improve the experiences you have so that new content, technology or features can be built to make entertainment media even better.

What are these rewards you speak of?
Blinq has partnered with the good people over at Tremendous so that you can earn tasty treats from some massive brands like Amazon, eBay, Uber, AirBnB and so many, many more!

You will be rewarded at the end of every month with gift cards delivered straight to your inbox, and you can choose to use them instantly or save them up to use in one big lump sum. How good is that?

Okay, I’m hooked – how do I start?
Finding the perfect partner is all about being compatible, right? So before we can get you signed up, there’s a bit more we need to know about you and your viewing habits. Let’s start with a few quick questions and once you’re done, we’ll let you know if we’re a match 😍.

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