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So, how does an organisation like Nationwide get to create the kind of services that people like you will find massively useful for managing your money in the future? Simple, by asking people like you to share with us how you’re spending your money every day. That’s why we want you (and 1,099 people like you) to Take Part in a research study to find out how you use your current accounts. We’ll also want to know a little bit more about how you think about money, but you don’t need to do anything different to be able to take part. To find out more about the study on Nationwide's website, click here. Simply answer a few questions about yourself, then some about how you think about money, and then if you’re right for the study, you’ll get an email from Take Part In Research giving you the final steps to get you started. All Nationwide will do, with your permission, is look at how you’ve spent your money over the last 12 months and how you use it over the next few months. This is all handled via an App, and it’s your bank that transfers the data so you don’t have to do anything more than say it’s ok. We will use what we learn to develop a truly different service designed around real people’s data. Obviously, the process is totally secure and Nationwide won’t have access to your money. All of your information used in the research analysis will remain anonymous, and Nationwide won’t pass it on to anyone other than their trusted partners helping us with this study, or use it for any other purpose than this research. The anonymous data we collect will be available to other researchers, in accordance with the principles of open science. Once the study is over, all your information will be deleted after 90 days. To understand more about how your data is handled and protected, you can visit the Data Privacy Policy. In return, we’ll give you a £30 thank you once you’ve completed the sharing of your spending data, and if you stay in the study for another until the end of the 3-month study, entry into a draw to win a £500 John Lewis gift card. You can view the Prize Draw Terms and Conditions here. Remember, you don’t actually have to do anything different, just complete the questionnaire below and follow the links we send you to take part in the study. To view the Participant Terms and Conditions, click here

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